The National Museum of Australia has 314 convict love tokens in its collection. These tokens were made by convicts around the time of their sentencing and were given to friends and loved ones as mementos.

What is a convict love token?

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Token crudely engraved on the head of  an 1826 penny, still showing some of its markings:


Paul Ware says:

Hi Interesting thought.. however I really don't think he would of choosen to go as a convict to other end o...

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Lozza says:

"Wanted to come to Australia but couldn’t afford the fare, deliberately stole 8 shillings from a haberdashe...

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Sophie_Jensen says:

Hi Simon - thanks for letting us know about the link between these tokens and the back story of the convict...

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Simon Barnard says:

For more info on this token, see that of James Pratt

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