Pierced token engraved with a stippled border, cursive text and a few decorative swirls:

~  ~
When this you
see remember me
and bear me in your 
mind let all the world
say what they will
speak of me as you
o find o


Pierced token engraved with an ornate stippled border of leaves encircling stippled text:

J Lea
MA Johnson

This token may relate to Joseph Lea, a boot and clothes cleaner, who was tried and convicted at the Central Criminal Court for stealing a watch, knife sovereign, 3 shillings and a sixpence belonging to William Stevenson, his master. He was also convicted of stealing a coat from Charles Martin. Lea was sentenced to seven years’ transportation, and sailed for New South Wales on the Norfolk on 27 October 1836, arriving 12 February 1837.

Diameter: 36.0mm, thickness: 3.0mm. Object number: 2008.0039.0172

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