Pierced and elaborately engraved token with a zigzag border and a number of images below the central text including leaves, a jug and wineglasses, two pipes and a decorative cross. Text around the edge of the token reads (from top right):

When this you see remember me & bear me in your mind

Text in the centre of the token reads:

let all the world
say what they will
speak of me as you

Curved around the base of the image, is an inner circle of text:

Edm Morgan . aged . 18


Pierced token with a zigzag border and a central image of a man holding a hat in one hand and a wineglass in the other, standing next to a table with a pot and a wineglass. Above the figure is a canopy, the sun in the top centre and a light dangling. Below is a crossed heart and a leaf decoration. On either side of the central image are the initials:


Around the border of the token is engraved (from top right):

Edm. Morgan . Aged . 18 . Edm. Townsend . Aged . 16 Dec 2 1830

Diameter: 36.0mm, thickness: 3.0mm. Object number: 2008.0039.0099

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