Token engraved with cursive text:

Dear John
take not this
amiss for your
Brother has
sent you


Token engraved with cursive text:

T Jones
for 7 years
Agd 16
March 1

This token may relate to Thomas Jones, 16, shoemaker, who was tried and convicted at the Middlesex Gaol Delivery on 17 February 1819 for the theft of a shawl from John Brown’s draper’s shop on the corner of Parliament Street, Whitehall, on 2 February 1819. He was sentenced to seven years’ transportation. Jones sailed for Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) on the Guilford on 12 May 1820. Jones’s indent records that he measured 5 feet 3 ½ inches (1.6 metres), had dark hair and a fair to ruddy complexion. Jones appears to have made tokens for two people: this one for his brother John, and one for ‘Mary’.

Diameter: 36.0mm, thickness: 2.0mm. Object number: 2008.0039.0034

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