Token engraved with a stippled scalloped border and 10 lines of  stippled cursive text:

Dear wife
When this you
see Remember
me and bear
me in your 
mind let all the
world say what 
thay will dont
prove to me


Token engraved with a stippled zigzag border and the central image of a woman holding the hands of a small girl (at left) and a small boy (at right). They are all wearing hats and dresses; the woman’s hat is decorated with flowers and ribbons and her dress has a decorative lacy border. Above the figures are their names in stippled cursive text:

M Ann    Ann      Joseph

Underneath the figures is engraved in stippled cursive text:

Hickman June 12

Diameter: 36.0mm, thickness: 3.0mm. Object number: 2008.0039.0081

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