Token made from the reverse of a halfpenny. At top and bottom, left and right, a decoration in the shape of a deep ‘v’ has been scored into the border of the coin. Around the figure of Britannia runs the stippled cursive text (from bottom left):

Forget .. mee .. Not

The shield has been engraved with stippling, and there are some letters at the base:

[o no]


Token made from the head of an 1806 halfpenny with a decorative engraved border. The King’s head has been re-engraved as a caricature of a man in chains. Around the head, in stippled cursive text with some decorative flourishes, runs the name:

Birmingham Bill

The character and engraving of this coin suggest a link with the 1844 token for William Holmes, alias Dublin Bill.

Diameter: 29.0mm, thickness: 1.0mm. Object number: 2008.0039.0261

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