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1818: William Maskell [Mascall] / Beedle

Object number: 2008.0039.0029

1818: William Maskell [Mascall] / Beedle

Object number: 2008.0039.0029

This token may relate to 42-year-old William Mascall, who, together with William Dovey, was tried and convicted at Middlesex Gaol Delivery in February 1818 for stealing 33 panes of glass from Daniel Sutton at Edwards Place, Kensington. Both men were sentenced to seven years’ transportation, but no record of their transportation has yet been found.

Diameter: 36mm, thickness: 3mm


Token engraved with a fine crisscross border, and a heart crossed with arrows at the base of cursive text:

Mr & Mrs Beedle
May love and
never be forgot


Token with a crisscross and scalloped border, encircling cursive text:

I am your
William Maskell

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5th May 2018

I have a token with the exact message & script and border but with the pot plant as displayed on token of Thomas Spicer. My token only displays initials from FB who I believe may have been Francis Brereton? Convicted at Middlesex in Feb 1818, as William was convicted at Middlesex in Feb 1818 & Thomas in Jan 1818? It may be the missing puzzle for it appears they all used the same engraver at their time of conviction? It is also the only FB I could find on convict lists other than a Francis Black deported in August 1818. I feel that with the near exact replica of the 3 tokens right down to the very obvious same hand who engraved them and the coincidence of the timing of their trials I would love to believe mine is that of Francis Brereton! Thank you so much for this wonderful display of such treasures:-)

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