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1818: David Freeman / Sarah

Object number: 2008.0039.0027

1818: David Freeman / Sarah

Object number: 2008.0039.0027

David Freeman, 19, was tried and convicted at the Middlesex Gaol Delivery on 17 June 1818 for pickpocketing a handkerchief worth five shillings near St Clement’s Church in the Strand. Both he and his accomplice John Clark, 27, were sentenced to transportation for life. Freeman sailed for New South Wales on the Lord Sidmouth on 20 September 1818, arriving 11 March 1819. He received his pardon on 1 January 1841.

Diameter: 36mm, thickness: 3mm


Token with a fine crisscross border, and five lines of cursive text:

Dear Sarah
when this you see
Rembr me when In
Some foreign


Token with a border of fine crosses and scallops at the top and leaves at the base. Two hearts crossed with arrows are engraved beneath four lines of cursive text:

David Freeman
Born the year
1798 Banished 17th
June 1818

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20th Jul 2022

this is so funny

Linda Young

9th Jun 2014

22 years a convict in NSW, for stealing a handkerchief... 5/- sounds like a lot for a handkerchief (even if handkerchief in this context means a scarf-type neckerchief)...


10th Jun 2014

Hi Linda - It does seem harsh. His statement in his own defence of 'It was thrown into my hand' didn't seem to work for him. http://www.oldbaileyonline....

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